About Me

Hey there. I'm Natasha-Elle; you can call me 'Natasha' or 'Elle' either is cool. I'm one of those people who cannot stand to leave a piece of litter on the floor.

I spend most of my free time doodling, humming show tunes, decorating and learning new languages: currently Japanese, Korean and Spanish. I find a certain kind of peace in a chilled glass of Yuzu Citrus tea after a long day and I'm a sap when it comes to romantic comedies. 

In my eyes, everything has to be aesthetically pleasing and this applies to my sense of fashion as well as all my projects. When it looks good, it makes me feel good.

I'm super passionate about my creative work and intend to continue exploring, improving and growing. After all, there's still so much to learn.

If you like my work, do feel free to drop me a message of any sorts using the form or via email. Collaborations would be really interesting as well.

(And if you've been supporting SADSHRIMPS, thank you.)

Cheers,                                                                         Natasha-Elle ✿


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